Rotary Ireland: Be a gift to Crumlin

A project started by the Rotary Club of Monaghan and adopted by Rotary Clubs of Ireland including Dublin Central to renovate a Parents Accommodation Unit in the Our Lady's Children's Hospital. OLCHC is the largest paediatric hospital on the island of Ireland and provides services for children from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The project funded the renovation of 48 bedrooms that are available for parents of sick children. The Arctic Challenge was a 2500km adventure to the Arctic Circle on vintage 50cc mopeds, the challenge funded replacement doors for the 48 bedrooms as part of the overall Rotary effort that funded the refurbishment. 

The project delivered €75k of direct funding in addition to the thousands of hours of voluntary service provided by Rotarians and friends of Rotary.

A short video giving the background story and showing the Unit before it was renovated by Rotarians.

A video made during the refurbishment showing the door replacement project.