Rotary International Service


As well as working in our local communities, we also work in our international communities. You could say ‘Rotary is for Communities all over the world at home and abroad’.


Each Rotary clubs can select it’s own project or pool our resources and join other clubs around Ireland to get greater problems sorted. With 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs, in almost every country in the world, our small club can achieve wonderful things.


What is the purpose of International service?  

Rotary has 6 areas of focus in international service and we can select any area we wish:

·       Peace & Conflict prevention/resolution
·       Disease prevention & treatment
·       Water & sanitation
·       Maternal & child health
·       Basic education and literacy
·       Economic and community development


22,000 children still die every day needlessly. 1 in 7 people (that’s one billion people) are hungry and cannot find food each day. Did you know that hunger kills more people than Polio, TB, Malaria and HIV-AIDS combined? Our projects make a real difference overseas and our money is very well spent and controlled by local Rotary clubs.

Our International Project for 2014-2015: 

Project 538



Video: see YouTube for a video about project 538.


Where: Kiptulwa, Kenya. This school is in Keringet, near Nakuru, northwest of Nairobi. The area has some good development work going on, but there are many people living from hand to mouth. Despite the fact that there is some unrest currently in Kenya, the children of Kenya still need our help. We do not give our hard earned funds to Governments, but rather we give them to people on the ground that can solve problems effectively.


Who: Rotary & Gorta joint project. Rotary International is encouraging Districts to get involved in partnerships. This will further guarantee Rotary that we have greater expertise on the ground, with great effectiveness, sustainability, good governance, pre and post project surveys that ensure our funds are being properly allocated and deployed.


To that end, we have chosen Gorta as our partner. Gorta are the longest running overseas development agency in Ireland, creating sustainable livelihoods in the developing world. Gorta’s mission is to work for a world free from the injustices of chronic hunger, poverty and disease, having special regard for the plight of children and the empowerment of women.


What: International Water project. The Keringet area is poor and underdeveloped; most of its population is involved in subsistence farming, has a low income and are food insecure.  About sixty-five percent of the population is unemployed.  However, the area has great potential. 


Clean water is a huge challenge. Rotary has decided to help Gorta with the clean water element of their bigger project in Keringet. Together, we are working with 3,371families (15,389 people) helping them to improve their food/nutrition, economic, health and education status, but specifically (for Rotary) with their clean water challenges.


Gorta have a 5 year area development plan, with3 years to run, spending several million euros. They have completed all the pre survey work to ascertain the challenges and the solutions.  They have committees and staff in place to guarantee good governance and a successful outcome of this project.


Gorta have already started the work on providing clean water to some of the families in Keringet and Rotary will finish this work. Our funds will be spent on a combination of guttering in houses for rain water retrieval, corrugated roofs so that rain water can be retrieved, protection of existing water springs, training for the local community and water tanks for the collection of the rain water.


When: Rotary year 2014/2015. Rotary’s project 538 is DG Phillips preferred international project. It will start in July 2014 and end in June 2015. However, the following two DG’s (Declan and Gerry) have also committed to working on this project, in the spirit of continuity, to ensure we achieve as much as we can for the children of this area.


Why: Water is the key to life. Everything starts with water. Water for washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking. Several million people go blind each year for the want of washing their faces with clean water and over 50% of all diseases in Africa are as a result of dirty water. So the need is great.


How: $500 / €600 from each club. ‘Magically’ for a relatively small sum per club, great things can be achieved due to Rotary’s Global Grant system. Clubs that get behind this project will be able to avail of the marketing behind this large project. Clubs will have a great story to tell and the intention is to use this story to encourage more people to join their local Rotary club, so that even greater projects can be achieved in the future.


Last Year's (and ongoing) International Projects

Sand Dam:

  • Our club will join our funds with other Rotary clubs to build a Sand Dam in Kenya

  • The dam will secure drinking water, enable farming and secure incomes

  • It will cost 19,000 euro to construct

  • We are partnering the Sand Dam Foundation in Kenya

  • They engage the whole community in the building of the dam

  • View a You Tube clip about sand dams

Rombo – Volunteers:

  • Rombo is an area of Kenya

  • It lies at the foot of Kilimanjaro on the Kenyan side of the Tanzanian border

  • It’s home to the Maasai tribe

  • Also home to a woman from Ireland, Elaine Bannon, OGW recipient and Paul Harris Rotary Fellow award

  • She has built a volunteers house

  • Rotarians from the island of Ireland have been helping Elaine to save and change lives for several years now

  • Our goal is to get one Rotarian (or more) from each club to visit Elaine and see her work in Rombo